Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Date of Service: March 30, 2011     Time Spent: 0 Hours        Total Hours: 23 hours

Action: Begin outlining format for essay/ research.

Next action: start rough draft.

How am I doing? I began my outline for the rough draft and it is proving to be very difficult because I have never wrote an essay that has to be this long or detailed. The statistics and facts of obesity are really alarming and surprising to read. Reading all the complications of obesity is crazy because the list goes on and on and on. Outlining is making it seems easier because it is organizing me.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Date of Service: April 30, 2011     Time Spent: 2 Hours        Total Hours: 42 hours

Action: Have recruits complete full fitness test

Next action: none

How am I doing? Today was my last day with the recruits because 2 of them are shipping out this month and going to boot camp. It feels weird that I will not see them again. Today we are did the full fitness test and it consists of 2 mile run 2 minute push-ups and 2 minute sit-ups. 4 out of 6 recruits passed all the tests and were promoted to Private Second Class. I am proud to have helped them improve in all categories and am excited to see how they improve in the future.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Date of Service: April 23, 2011     Time Spent: 4 Hours        Total Hours: 40 hours

Action: Took weight and worked out.

Next action: Have recruits take full fitness test.

How am I doing? Today we weighed the recruits and to my surprise there was more of a change this week then any other week. Almost every recruit lost weight. Then when we did the fitness test some people’s time in the mile went down by as much as 30 seconds, their push-ups increased by an average in 10 and sit ups improved by an a group average of 8. I asked them why all of a saddened it start going up and all them said that they wanted to get the prize and win the competition.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Date of Service: April 21, 2011     Time Spent: 0 Hour        Total Hours: 36 hours

Action: finished revising my essay and did works cited.

Next action: Have more peers read it and make necessary corrections.

How am I doing? It was a lot harder revising my essay because I kept seeing all the mistakes and misplacement of paragraphs. I started thinking it would take me and hour or so, but I kept finding mistakes and it ended up taking 3 hours for the revisions and another hour for the works cited. It drained me and I fell asleep within a minute of lying in my bed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Date of Service: April 20, 2011     Time Spent: 1 Hour        Total Hours: 36 hours

Action: Had a short middle of the week workout to inspire the recruits a little bit.

Next action: Have recruits do a full fitness test.

How am I doing? The middle of the week exercise worked because I think most of the people slack off during the week and this seemed to get them on track a little more. We didn’t do a fitness test today we simply just got together and played some basketball for about an hour. It was fun because we bet push-ups and laps to whoever lost which made people try harder.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Date of Service: April 16, 2011     Time Spent: 4 Hours        Total Hours: 35 hours

Action: Get the recruits motivated by making the fitness test a competition.

Next action: Have a middle of the week workout day to help improve the recruit fitness.

How am I doing? The recruits are not doing their diet and fitness plans and it shows up in their scores because they aren’t improving. It is stressful because I want to help them out but they won’t put the work in to help themselves. Me and Sgt. Say decided to make it a competition and reward the highest scores with t-shirts and other accessories plus the winner can pick which sport everyone plays.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Date of Service: April 13, 2011     Time Spent: 0 Hours        Total Hours: 31 hours

Action: I finished my rough draft.

Next action: Revise my essay and make correction and add more research.

How am I doing? I finished another 4 pages in my rough draft which took a lot of time. I worked continuously for 4 hours and I am satisfied with this being my rough draft. I feel that I need it to be longer and organized better but I will ask my friends to read over and put answers to questions they have into my essay.